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Remember, when completing this form, always ensure that you select a module before attempting to select an “Area of Concern”, as they are different, depend­ing on the module chosen.

Logging into


  1. Navigate to and click on “Client Login” in the top navigation, or navigate directly to


  1. Place your cur­sor in the “Name” field that you find on the middle right-hand side of the page in the green box entitled “Looking for Support?”


  1. Enter the Username that your club has been assigned. For customers that used our old Client F.I.R.S.T. Website, your Username and Password has remained the same. If this is your first time or you have simply forgotten what your Username or Pass­word are, please contact Jonas Club or ClubHouse Online support via phone or email.


  1. Enter your Password below.


  1. Press ‘Go’. In a few short mo­ments, you will be taken to the Support website.


The Jonas Club Support portal offers users with information on training, support, product updates, and the Jonas Knowledgebase.